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Thanks to licensing agreements with foreign major pharmaceutical companies, since 2013 Omikron Italia started an important internationalization process that is more and more consolidating and increasing over the years.

Some Omikron Italia medicinal products, medical devices and nutraceuticals are already marketed in several European Countries and Extra European Countries. Moreover, registrations in 3 different continents are currently ongoing.

The continuous innovation of proposed therapeutic approaches together with an increasing attention to the quality of the products, to the interest towards the therapeutic needs of patients and to the constant efforts in Research allowed Omikron Italia to steadily expand over the years in many Countries.

Omikron Italia Srl currently has a direct presence in Italy and an office in Spain.


  • Countries with direct presence:
  • Countries with indirect presence (marketing of Omikron Italia products through business partner)
  • Countries with indirect presence (marketing agreements about Omikron Italia products with registration process ongoing)


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