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In line with the internationalization process currently underway, which has enabled Omikron Italia to have an indirect presence in 16 Countries thanks to agreements with foreign pharmaceutical companies for the distribution of its products, the first foreign branch of Omikron Italia was created in 2017, Omikron Pharmaceutical España.

Omikron Pharmaceutical España is based in Spain, in Barcelona, at Plaza d'Europa, 13, 6E - 08908 HOSPITALET DE LLOBREGAT.

Omikron Pharmaceutical España operates in the Pharmaceutical Sector and it is registered as a Pharmaceutical Company at the Public Health Agency of Catalonia and it is included in the following registers:

  • Registre sanitari d'indústries i productes alimentaris de Catalunya (RSIPAC)
  • Registre General Sanitari d'Empreses Alimentàries i Aliments (RGSEAA)

Omikron Pharmaceutical España is a company specialized in the vascular sector (phlebology and hemorrhoidal disease) and it is a partner for Vascular Specialists and General Practitioners to respond in gradual way to the therapeutic needs of Vascular patients.

Omikron Pharmaceutical España has a vascular list of four products, all notified to the competent Authorities, which will be presented to the Spanish Medical Class by a network of specialized Sales Representatives.

The Spanish branch of Barcelona, established in 2017, is the first foreign branch of Omikron Italia.

Products Omikron Pharmaceutical España

Omikron Pharmaceutical España represents the first step to increase the direct internationalization process of Omikron Italia and to create further offices in Europe.

The new Omikron Pharmaceutical España foreign branch has been designed to be a point of reference for the Spanish Medical Class.

The following 4 products of the vascular list have already been notified to the competent Authorities, all Food Supplements:

MICROFLEB L 10 VIALES X 10 ML 188473.2
TRIADE H 20 SOBRES 188476.3
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