About Omikron

Omikron Italia is a pharmaceutical industry specialized in the treatment of the main vascular and ocular pathologies


The ongoing global economic scenario has 3 characteristics, which represent the main drivers for change: continuous scientific and technologic development, speed-up of change, globalization and internationalization.

In this increasingly irregular and complex context, the Pharmaceutical Industry is going through a phase of deep change due to phenomena of concentration, decreasing exclusiveness periods of medicinal products and of the life cycle of the products.

The combination of the main critical keys of success of this sector: internationalization, sales skills and fast market penetration, research and innovation, pricing and registration seems to require the presence of big Companies in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Instead, also in this field a significant number of small and medium Companies is present and they often are leaders in a specific market niche or highly specialized areas.

This represents, in the Vascular and Ophthalmic field, the medium term goal of Omikron Italia.



Omikron Italia arises from the belief that Vascular and Ophthalmic diseases require a further development in the Research of more innovative therapeutic tools (medicinal products, medical devices, food for special medical purposes, nutraceuticals).

Omikron Italia develops new therapeutic tools, acquires existing AIC (Marketing Authorization), and licensed products already available abroad.

Products are presented throughout the Italian territory by a Network of Sales Representatives holding the necessary requirements pursuant to Legislative Decree dated 3 August 2007, published in the G.U. (Gazzetta Ufficiale) no. 198 dated 27 August 2007.

The innovation of the proposed therapeutic tools, the used production technologies and the specialization of the network of Sales Representatives serving the Medical Class represent the philosophy of the Mission of Omikron Italia.

Research and development
Established in recognition of the merits and skills of companies and those who manage them, which with their research and development contribute to the progress of Ophthalmology.

Opocrin Group

Under the guidance of the Saetti – Bianchini family, business development has allowed investments in human resources and structures in order to guarantee growth and determine the excellence of the quality standards for which Opocrin S.p.A. is a leader in the world.
Global presence

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